Loretta’s Pinwheel Recipe

Below is Grandma Loretta’s recipe for pinwheel horderves in her words.

  • One half of sour cream  around six ounces or five
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • I/4 mild onion like white or red diced
  • P kg of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • Yellow, red, or orange sweet pepper diced
  • Sliced black olives
  • Celery seed is good  but optional
  • Shaved carrots if wanted optional
  • (SOME PEOPLE  like cooked shrimp optional)
Put in the flours roll in waxed paper or saran wrap.
Put in the refrigerator, slice with a knife when ready to serve.

Fluid Container with Max Width Content

Sometimes a website design will call for what appears to be a regular container sitting inside a fluid container. Here is a quick way to achieve that with a dash of CSS.


Insert a div between your fluid container and your rows, let’s call it .container-max-width. In the CSS set the max-width to 1200px or preferred width. Set the left and right margins to auto if you want it to center.

Now the fluid container will stretch the full width of the window and the content will be limited to 1200px. This comes in handy when the fluid container is going to have nice big background image.

jQuery Action after Page and Assets Load

Usually the $(document).ready(function(){}); is good enough when you need an action after a page has loaded in the browser. However, this approach doesn’t account for images and other assets that may still be loading after code has already completely loaded.

To wait for all assets to complete loading, we will use $(window).on(“load”, function() {});. This will wait until the browser window is actually done loading. This works great for a loading screen.